Sunday, 11 February 2007

A Light Dusting

With all the fuss in the news about the recent snow, you would think that everywhere in the country had been affected by heavy snowfalls, but this was all we got. My plans for winter wonderland-style garden photos came to nothing, and now it's raining!
We found this old garden roller hidden away in our garden after we moved in some years ago. I wanted to put it somewhere it could be seen and admired, much to the bemusement of other members of my family. (Would you believe that to some people this is just an old piece of scrap metal!) It's extremely heavy and difficult to move, but we managed to get it positioned against this old tree stump.
I think this old utilitarian piece gives a sense of age to the garden, and its rustiness only adds to that. I'm trying to encourage the ivy to grow over it.