Saturday, 8 March 2008

Four Patch on Point

Here's my blue quilt finished. I used a pattern from Back in Time by Renee Plains. I like most of her patterns. Mine ended up looking a bit different from the pattern because I used more fabrics and a strong contrast for the outer triangles and border. That wasn't planned, but evolved along the way.
I wasn't sure at first if the border fabric worked because there's no blue in it, but it does pick up the pinks from the other prints, and hopefully the blue binding helps pull it together.

It was nice working with these colours. I was wanting a predominantly blue quilt that looked light but not cold (the colour, I mean). It's a bit more flowery than I've made before, but I'm quite pleased with the way the different prints work together, and it was all made from stash!
It was quilted in my favourite allover heart meander, which is from a stencil.

On a different subject, I must show you what my two daughters gave me for Mother's Day last Sunday.
Something really cool.

My very own iPod Shuffle in a beautiful green.
And look what it says on the back, the small printing at the top:

I love that. They even loaded it up with music for me so it was all ready to use. They know how I love my music. It was a complete surprise! I'm so pleased with it and have been "wearing" it around the house. They're so good to their mother:)