Friday, 12 September 2008

Intensive Quilting

This is the result of all my time at the sewing machine lately.
I wanted to make some extra effort with the quilting because I thought the design was worthy of it. Well, it's finished, it nearly killed me and now I never want to see another quilt again! Only kidding . . . at least I think I am :)

I did some stippling around the main design, echo quilting in the borders and some cross-hatched lines in the corners. The only quilting I did on the appliques was to stitch around the flower centres for stability.

I washed it and now it's got that crinkled look, which I do quite like. My only reservation about that is that some of the small detail of the fabric print inevitably gets lost in the texture.

The back's a nice rosy print.
Pattern info: The pattern is a Pat Sloan design called Rambling Rose, from McCall's Quilting magazine, April 2004.