Sunday, 5 October 2008

Crochet Indulgence

The quilt I finished a couple of weeks ago was so labour-intensive it seems to have caused temporary quilting burn-out, and I haven't even started another quilt yet.
At the moment I seem to be leaning more towards yarn than fabric. I don't know now how I ever managed without having some crochet or knitting on the go.

I've posted about potholders before, for instance here and here, and now I've made myself another one. They are fun to make, but no, I've never actually USED them.
I liked this one because of its unusual shape and the big shaded flowers. (The pattern is from a book called Baker's Dozen Potholders, published by Annie's Attic, 2oo2.)
I think if I call my potholders a "collection", that will mean I can make as many as I like, and it won't matter if I use them or not, LOL!

Don't they make a lovely scrunchy-textured pile of colour?