Friday, 15 June 2007

Star Blocks and a Blanket

No garden work going on at the moment, because it's been raining solidly for two days. But I've been busy inside the house, and I've started appliqueing these blocks for a quilt, in shades of red and pinky-red.
It's hard getting those star points sharp and not waving about. I think I won't have to mind too much if they're not perfect;) The quilt is from a Jo Morton pattern.

And I finally finished all my crochet squares, and I'm using navy blue to join them together, quite a strong contrast. Now I'm thinking it would also have looked nice, and completely different, if I'd used a light colour for the joining, maybe cream or pale pink. So many possibilities with colour! Decisions, decisions. Anyway, I've gone with the navy. I thought the joining would be a major job, but actually it's going quite quickly. I used a hook a couple of sizes smaller for this because I thought it made a better seam. When it's done I'm planning to do some kind of edging round, I'm not sure yet exactly what.
I'm really enjoying making this blanket. I didn't go near any kind of yarn for years, but then I came back to it, and now I wouldn't be without some crochet or knitting.