Saturday, 28 July 2007

Hollyhock Projects

After my last post I was thinking about hollyhocks as a design motif, and remembered I actually had some past projects featuring hollyhocks.
This is a wallhanging I made back in 1998. I know that because I made a label for it! A good case for labelling your quilts with the date.
How could I forget about this? It's on my kitchen wall and I see it every day!
The pattern was from Patches and Posies by Teri Christopherson. The applique is fused and hand blanket-stitched. This was before I got my Bernina. The machine I had then didn't do a blanket stitch, but I think I would have done this by hand anyway, because it's such a small quilt. I did have a walking foot for that machine, and there is minimal machine quilting on this.
It was fun to make. I particularly like the sun applique at the top.

This stitcherty with hollyhocks is from a Crabapple Hill pattern. It was one of a series and I did most of them. I should really do something with them. They were intended to be made into a quilt, but I can imagine them framed or incorporated into other projects.