Sunday, 1 July 2007

Quilt Show

My friend Wendy asked if I would show some of my quilts that I had used as backgrounds in my photos. So I had a big photo session and here they are.

I made this one about five years ago. The main part of it is quilted in diagonal lines so it wasn't too difficult to machine quilt, although heavy. I remember showing my mother what I was working on, and telling her the vines were made from one long bias tube. She said, "How on earth did you turn it?" and I explained that there was no need to turn it because the seam allowance was hidden underneath, but I could tell she didn't really know what I meant! She isn't a quilter herself.

I bet these two are smaller than you thought! They are both from Jo Morton patterns. I hand quilted the log cabin one. I like the colours in that one.

For this one I combined two different Jo Morton patterns. I use it as a throw on a sofa, but it would have made a good wall quilt. The dark red sashing fabric was actually a subtle print, but it has since faded.

I was pleased with the mix of prints in this one. The pattern was called Fragments, by Liberty Star. It goes folded over the back of a chair in our dining room, and it has featured in more than one photo.

I'm just sneaking these two in because I like them:

Can you tell I like working on a small scale? These are both from American Doll Quilts by Kathleen Tracy. The triangle one hangs in my utility room, which I think you would call a laundry room outside the UK.

Well, that was a long post for me. If you got this far, thanks for reading to the end of it!