Friday, 14 September 2007

Pink and Brown

I've been thinking for a while now about making a quilt in predominantly pinks and browns. These are my fabrics sorted into lights and darks, with a few mediums thrown in on either side. Actually I think I've got more browns than pinks.
I also like the idea of a blue and brown quilt.

On a different subject, I've seen the book Sew Pretty Homestyle on a number of blogs recently, and I decided it was a necessary addition to my library. It's beautifully photographed and has some very pretty ideas.
I wanted to try out the fabric rose pictured on the cover, and wondered if it would work in wool felt. Here it is on my denim jacket.

I shortened the pattern for the small rose by a couple of inches so it would fit on my piece of felt, then gathered and rolled it according to the instructions. The petals are folded back to give a softer look. I held a steam iron close to it for a few minutes, without letting the iron touch the felt. I don't know if this will help set the folds, but that was the idea:)
I pinked the edges of my leaves so they would be serrated like a real rose.