Friday, 21 September 2007

Thinking Small

I do find myself drawn to small quilts lately. This one is only 9 inches square.
I thought about hand-quilting it but I find it difficult to hand-quilt through a lot of intersecting seams, so I just machined it. I think the diagonal lines complement the patchwork.
When it was finished I realised I'd put two of the same blue spot print close together, but never mind. Too late now! The pattern is from Small Quilts for Framing by Jo Morton. I'm not planning to frame it though.

It's just right for some very small people to sit on.
Say cheese!

These are a few of many I made for my two girls in years past. The bunny on the left is a bit more recent. The patterns were by various designers but I think most of these were by Farmyard Creations.

Here are some pictures from my rain-soaked garden this morning.

Have a great weekend:)