Thursday, 15 November 2007

Crocheted and Patched

I haven't posted about crochet for a while, but I'm still doing it.
I've never really seen myself as a doily person though. In fact, doilies always seemed a bit "little old lady" to me, but since I took up crocheting I've realised there are lots of patterns out there that have potential. And well, they are something to crochet!

This one is done in 4-ply cotton, which I think is similar in thickness to size 10 crochet thread, but feels nice and soft. It's thick enough to work with comfortably - not too fine.
The pattern is from a book I found on ebay. I think ebay can be a really useful resource for out-of-print patterns of all kinds. There's a lot of rubbish out there, but there is some good stuff as well.

Since I made those dolls a couple of weeks ago I've been on planet red and blue. I've just finished this doll-sized quilt top which measures about 20 x 25 inches.
It's a Little Quilts pattern from Bunnies by the Bay Meets Little Quilts, not a new book but a nice one. There are several patterns for small quilts in the book, plus other small projects. (The Garden Fence quilt with yo-yos I made last May was from the same book.)
This was fun to put together, because I pulled out lots of old prints from my stash, some of them going back years, together with some much newer ones. I like mixing a wide variety of fabrics. I'm looking forward to machine quilting it now!