Friday, 9 May 2008

Dog Blog

This Scottie dog is from Toy Knits by Debbie Bliss, not a new book but new to me, which I first saw on this lovely blog.
The knitting was all right, but I don't mind telling you sewing him up was a pig. I think I must have chosen the most fiddly thing in the book, or maybe I'm just not used to knitting in 3-D. The making-up instructions seemed to me to be sketchy, and there were a LOT of small pieces.

That said, I still like the pattern. With dogged persistence (pun intended) I muddled through, and on the whole I'm pleased with him. I changed the angle of his head, and I think he turned out a nice doggy shape.

The yarn is Rowan Pure Wool dk, knitted on smaller needles than usual, which makes a nice close fabric for stuffing. There are other nice animals in the book as well - I've got my eye on the pigs and sheep.

I couldn't just leave him as he was, so I made him a felt collar with a button flower.

I think this is his best side.