Friday, 4 July 2008

A Bunny and Some Flowers

I finished knitting the bunny I posted about a couple of weeks ago. I gave him a posy of vintage buttons for his garter stitch waistcoat. I really like the naive look of garter stitch. His ears are two layers of knitting. Garter stitch rocks!

I tried to give him a face that was friendly but not too cute. I wasn't sure about the pink stitched nose, but he's done now, and I'm toying with the idea of knitting a sheep. (Get it? Terrible joke.)
We've had some very warm and sunny weather this week. Even when it's too hot I can't help pottering about outside until the heat drives me in. There always seems to be so much that needs doing.

I had to take a picture of these star-like blue flowers (don't know the name - campanula?) because they're so pretty just now. They grow in a huge mass, especially if they have something to support them.
The tree in the centre background is a buddleia, which should have some flowers on soon.

This is taken from the other side. The plant in the foreground is alchemilla mollis. It has tiny frothy flowers of vibrant acid yellow, almost lime green, and it's really good as a filler in cut flower arrangements.