Friday, 1 August 2008

Multicoloured Pansies

Since I posted about this doily in May, I've been thinking about making another one using more colours.
Some of these colours are a bit brighter than I would normally use, but I needed 8 different colours to have 2 pansies of each colour, and I wanted to use the same brand of cotton for the whole thing. I'm hoping the cream and darker green tone down the other colours slightly. It's that bright mauve/purple I'm thinking of.

The yarn is Patons 100% cotton 4 ply. This cotton is smooth and soft to work with and not too string-like.
I thought the pansies on their own were photo-worthy. Love those green pansies!

I don't often like making the same thing more than once, because I'm always wanting to move onto the next thing, but in this case I really did enjoy working with all the different colours, and I knew already that this pattern worked well.
I block doilies by pinning them to shape on an ironing board. I spray them with water, leave to dry, then remove the pins and press. This one needs a lot of pins and it's worth taking some time to get the pinning right and make a nice job of it.

It's been very hot here, especially the first half of the week, so not much gardening has got done, but I have been taking some pictures.
This is a view I like, and it shows the border which runs along the side of our house.

I hope it's not too hot where you are. Have a great weekend :)