Sunday, 9 November 2008

Small Crochet

There are quilt blocks sitting looking at me, but no progress has been made with them yet, so this is some crochet I did a while ago. You may have gathered that I like making small things!
The patterns are not new - the heart-shaped purse is from an old Kindred Spirits book, Handgifts. I also made the frog-shaped purse from the same book, but I'll show you that another time.
The rectangular one is a crochet pattern by Janet Miller (The City Stitcher), which I bought from Quilters' Warehouse. Coincidentally, I've just checked and the Kindred Spirits heart is also designed by Janet Miller. I like her crochet patterns.
I did both in 4 ply cotton yarn.

I don't suppose I would use a purse like this in a practical way, but it gives you a lift to make something pretty, and I have them hanging in the sewing room where I can see them.