Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Short and Sweet Knitting

I'm back with two more things, this time knitted.
I've been waiting for days to take these pictures. I just needed some. . . what's that thing that used to be around, but never seems to be there nowadays? Oh yes, LIGHT. In the end I just took the photos anyway.

I used 4 ply for the bunny and the smallest needles I had, for a smaller scale than stated on the pattern, and she is 7" tall including her ears. Working a tight fabric on fine needles can be quite hard on your hands though, so I wouldn't recommend doing it for too long at a time.
The uber-cute ducky is in dk weight on 3mm needles. The button "wheels" are what sold this pattern to me!

Why am I making stuffed animals? What does a grown woman want with knitted toys? There are no young children to give them to in the family, my daughters are grown up, but I love making these small pretty things, and I enjoy the creative challenge. Plus, they look nice on the sewing room shelf.
Patterns by Debi Birkin.