Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Keeping Warm

We've got several inches of snow today and it's still falling. I took some pictures of the garden from the window this morning. We haven't had snow like this for years.

It looks pretty but only if you don't have to travel in it!
The road outside is unusually quiet, what traffic there is is crawling along, and many of the local schools are closed. It's the right weather for staying inside with a hot drink and getting on with some knitting.

It's many years since I attempted Fair Isle, so I chose a small project to brush up on it with. It's actually very absorbing to do, as you are constantly counting the stitches for each colour, and you see the pattern grow before your eyes. You wouldn't think so at first glance, but there are only ever 2 colours in each row. It should look smoother when it's blocked and pressed. For now I'm trying not to think about darning in all those ends!

Almost forgot to tell you what the pattern is - It's a hot water bottle cover from the most recent Debbie Bliss magazine, Fall/Winter 2009, and the wool is DB Baby Cashmerino which I love. It comes in a fantastic colour range. It can be bit "splitty", but I can put up with that for the softness and the colours.

Hope you're keeping warm!