Monday, 11 February 2008


We've had some computer trouble recently. It had been funny for a while, then a few days ago it crashed completely. It was only out of action for about 24 hours and the problem seems to be fixed now, but it had to be restarted from scratch, and in the process I lost all my email, EVERYTHING, past and current, and couldn't get it back. Oh no!
It seems to be running normally again now, fingers crossed.

I usually make some small Valentines for my daughters, and I used elements from two different patterns to make these hearts.

The idea for the hole-punched heart applique is from a Bird Brain Designs pattern, and the embroidery is based on the Sweetheart Sachet pattern by Crabapple Hill. I modified it slightly to fit my heart shape and added some buttons.
The heart is red felted wool and the cream overlay heart is wool felt. (Does that make sense?) I made the holes with a paper punch, the kind you hit with a hammer. That was great fun. I put a handful of dried rose petals in with the stuffing, and they smell lovely.

A jar of buttons just because it's heart-shaped.