Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Green, Blue

I know that for some people, blue and green just don't work together. I remember when I was younger sometimes hearing the old saying, "Blue and green should never be seen".
But for me blue and green are a happy combination. They bring to mind early childhood memories of summer days playing in the garden, blue flowers, grass and sky, and all the shades in between. I think perception of colour can be a very individual thing.

This bag is from the Market Bag pattern by Late Bloomer Quilts. Some bag patterns seem to me to be complicated, but this one had clear instructions. It was hard to imagine all those flat pieces turning into a 3-dimensional bag, but they did.
I was thinking about getting a ruffler attachment to do the frill at the top edge, but the price put me off. Nearly £50 for a sewing machine foot! Maybe for my birthday. So I used machine basting and pulled up the gathers by hand.
This bag will be coming out with me this summer - strictly for fun shopping, of course:)