Saturday, 6 October 2007

Autumn Garden

My pink and brown blocks are put together and ready to be quilted.
Meanwhile here are some more garden photos.
Even in October, these nasturtiums are still going strong. I planted seeds one year and now they come up on their own year after year. I know I posted a pic of them before, but the colours are so vibrant.

There are a few mature trees around our garden, and 3 of them are horse chestnuts, so we get lots of conkers falling on the lawn and path.

This is a tiny oak tree I found growing. There are no other oak trees I know of nearby, so I think maybe a squirrel must have brought an acorn in and buried it, and it grew.

I was tagged for this award by San of Gypsy Quilter. Thanks, San - you certainly make me smile:) So now I can think of some adjectives that describe me, beginning with the letters of my name. Of course my mind went completely blank, and my family were no help, only coming up with words like "crazy" and "obsessive". As if! Well, I rejected those silly suggestions and after a bit of thought I managed to come up with some better ones. I am:
C - creative
A - artistic
R - a realist
O - optimistic (can you be realistic and optimistic at the same time?)
L - like my dad
I - industrious, individual
N - neat and tidy, well most of the time
E - energetic
So many of your blogs make me smile. In fact I only read blogs that make me smile! So if you're reading this and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged!