Sunday, 14 October 2007

Brown and Pink

I was determined to make some progress on this quilt last week, and two days of intensive quilting left me with just the binding to do.
I always seem to have trouble deciding on fabric for binding. It takes me ages to narrow down the choices and finally pick one. I think sometimes the binding helps define the quilt, but on the other hand you don't always want it to be a strong feature. To take one of the fabrics from the piecing, or have some contrast? So many possibilities! I think maybe I have a tendency to "overthink" these things! In the end I decided on a pinky red shade.
Then having done the binding, I had to wait a couple of days to photograph it, because the dull and miserable weather here meant the light wasn't good enough to take photos, but here it eventually is. Try not to look at the ladder in the background!

This photo is darker than I would have liked.
I'm quite pleased with the way the balance of colour worked out on this quilt, because I didn't want the pink to dominate too much. I'm not the pink/fluffy/sparkly type, but I like old-fashioned coral and rose pinks, in limited quantities or in combination with other colours.
For the backing, a one-yard piece was JUST wide enough. I used a stencil for the quilting pattern, which is an allover meander with hearts.

Have a great week:)