Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Garden Path

It's a lovely bright autumn day here today, and I wanted to share with you one of my favourite views of our garden.
This is looking down the side of the garden from one corner of the house. The leaves are changing colour and starting to fall now. The gravel path continues all the way round.
Don't be fooled by how quiet it looks in this photo - we live on a busy main road and the trees help screen the garden from the road. You would never guess from this angle.

Wendy tagged me for the 4 Things About Meme.

4 jobs I've had
Strawberry picker (aged 17, in school holidays)
Bank clerk
Bank cashier
Wife and mother

4 films I could watch over and over
I'm not a big watcher of films, but I thought of 4 old films:
All That Heaven Allows
The Lawless Breed
The Enchanted Cottage

4 TV shows I watch
Location, Location, Location
The Simpsons
Life on Mars (not on now but I had trouble thinking of 4)
Come Dine With Me (not currently on either)

4 favourite foods
Fish and chips

4 favourite colours
Moss green
Pale yellow

4 places I would like to be right now
At a big quilt show
Newborough, Anglesey
Anywhere free from stress, guilt and anxiety
In my sewing room

4 names I love but would/could not use on my children
Boys' names, because I had girls:

4 people I'd love to tag
Lucy Locket