Saturday, 20 October 2007

Fun Mail

I've read often of gifts being sent between bloggers, but imagine my surprise when this week I was the recipient!
My friend Wendy sent me a wonderful parcel of goodies, all the way from Canada. There is a beautiful embellished card, some wool fabric, a reel of variegated thread in colours she knew I'd like, and a cute strawberry pattern, because she remembered I like strawberries! And best of all, one of her lovely pumpkin ornaments with wool applique. I can't tell you how beautifully this is made. I particularly love the way she did the leaves.
It's such a rare thing for me to receive a handmade gift, and it's just what I need because up to now my house has been sadly lacking in autumn decor.

Thank you Wendy, for such a thoughtful and sweet gift!