Tuesday, 19 May 2009


I have succumbed to the cupcake craze, at least where knitted ones are concerned. Not that I've any objection to real ones. My daughter asked if I would make her a knitted cupcake, so I made her three.
I spent some time looking at cupcake patterns and found some nice ones on Etsy. The two bigger cupcakes are from the pattern by Little Cotton Rabbits. I made one in cotton and the other in wool. The pink crocheted rosebud decoration is one I had already. I knew it had to come in useful one day.

The pink cake isn't strictly speaking a cupcake, but a tart. This is another pattern from Etsy, from a seller called Cakes Cakes Cakes who has several yummy looking cake patterns.

Both these patterns are sold as downloads, which I think is a very convenient way to buy patterns.
I think either of these designs would make a very good pincushion for a knitter. They're fun aren't they, and they would be just right as somewhere for putting yarn needles. You can make endless variations with different colours, beads, etc.

The blue crocheted cake I'm keeping for myself and is from this pattern (thank you BitterSweet). It was very quick to make and turned out really well. I used a lightweight (4 ply) cotton because I wanted it to be a tiny size. It's less than 2" tall, including the wooden bead cherry.

Much less fattening than the real thing.

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A Week of May Flowers: Monday

I always think it's amazing how the garden leaps into life in spring, especially in May.