Monday, 13 July 2009

Pansy Bunting

It was my daughter's 22nd birthday last week. How many daughters has she got, you're thinking, they seem to have birthdays all the time! There are two of them, both grown up now and making me feel old. I think I must have had children very young. . . yes, I'm sure that's it!
Their birthdays do always seem to get mentioned on my blog, but that's because I usually make something decorative for the birthday girl. This time it was pansy bunting, or a pansy garland if you prefer.

This pansy is a classic design, slight variations of which appear in many different printed patterns. Mine is the pansy from this doily.
The only modification I did was in the edging stitches of the two large petals (I worked 1 chain between the stitches instead of 3).

I used Patons 100% Cotton 4 ply and made 7 pansies in 2 colour variations, and added some leaves. The "string" is a length of chain in 2 alternate colours, and I used a double strand of each colour for strength and scale.

So far this summer has been a bit too warm for me. The sunshine is very nice and the garden seems to like it, but I'm hoping for some cooler weather.
Enjoy your week!