Thursday, 27 March 2008

Gloves Done

I finished the gloves I was knitting, and we're having some very chilly weather here at the moment, so I think I will get to wear them after all.
The pattern is Sirdar 5983. They were made on two needles (rather than 4). I didn't realise there was a line of cables up the back of the hand until I was actually knitting it, because strangely only the palm side of the glove was pictured on the pattern, as if the photographer didn't know the detail was on the back. No matter, I like cables.

I had some fun mail this week from Wendy. I couldn't believe how much lovely stuff she'd packed into that box! Check out those antique threads! I almost had to go and lie down.

The pattern was one I'd been wanting - how did she know?? And 30's fabrics, which I love, to go with it. And can you see the letter C on the pincushion? I think that's a lovely individual touch. Thank you so much Wendy, I love it all! :)

Friday, 21 March 2008

Leaves and Buttons

I've had it in my head for a while to incorporate leaves into a yo-yo project and have some of the yo-yos as flowers. This is what I came up with. I didn't have a yo-yo maker, I just made them the old-fashioned way.
To make the leaves I drew a leaf shape the size I wanted, stitched around it and cut it out, leaving the base of the leaf open for turning.
This is how they look on the back.

I didn't turn the raw edges in because I thought that might make them a bit bulky. I sewed them on with a small blanket stitch, and I think that makes the raw edge acceptable.
I did consider fusing two layers of fabric together and cutting leaves from that, or cutting them out of felt, but I wanted it to be easily launderable.

Some fun shopping this week:

This is my new pale blue teapot, which to be truthful I only bought so I can knit a teacosy for it, lol! (I suppose it might come in useful for making tea in as well.)

I hope you have a lovely Easter with lots of chocolate.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

This and That

When I cut some forsythia stems last week they were covered in tight green buds. Three days later, this is what they looked like. A splash of sunshine for spring.

I seem to have fallen into the knitting habit lately. I keep looking for nice small projects to knit.

This is the left hand of a pair of gloves in 4 ply. I think I'll have to knit these quick before it gets too warm to wear gloves!

I've been sewing as well, just playing with yo-yos.

The garden is looking more spring-like all the time. I think these pink hyacinths must have been planted outside by the people who lived in this house before us. They make a little patch of pink in the garden every spring, and the smell is gorgeous.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Four Patch on Point

Here's my blue quilt finished. I used a pattern from Back in Time by Renee Plains. I like most of her patterns. Mine ended up looking a bit different from the pattern because I used more fabrics and a strong contrast for the outer triangles and border. That wasn't planned, but evolved along the way.
I wasn't sure at first if the border fabric worked because there's no blue in it, but it does pick up the pinks from the other prints, and hopefully the blue binding helps pull it together.

It was nice working with these colours. I was wanting a predominantly blue quilt that looked light but not cold (the colour, I mean). It's a bit more flowery than I've made before, but I'm quite pleased with the way the different prints work together, and it was all made from stash!
It was quilted in my favourite allover heart meander, which is from a stencil.

On a different subject, I must show you what my two daughters gave me for Mother's Day last Sunday.
Something really cool.

My very own iPod Shuffle in a beautiful green.
And look what it says on the back, the small printing at the top:

I love that. They even loaded it up with music for me so it was all ready to use. They know how I love my music. It was a complete surprise! I'm so pleased with it and have been "wearing" it around the house. They're so good to their mother:)

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Spring Basket

Here's a pretty thing. I found the free pattern here.
It was so quick to make. I added an edging to mine.
The actual crochet took me about an hour. The stiffening process took longer because of the drying time. I used a mixture of half fabric stiffener and half water. It still has some flexibility, but enough stability to stand.

I'll hopefully have a finished quilt to show you soon. Have a great week:)