Friday, 7 September 2007

Folk Hearts

I went to a quilt show this morning, but it was so unimpressive that I'm back already. The Harrogate show is easy for me to get to, only a 40-minute drive, and the Harrogate area is very pleasant, but I have to say I thought the show was rubbish. (That is in no way any reflection on the individual quilts on display.) A few years ago it always seemed really good, but now sadly it does not justify the £8 entrance fee.

The photo is my finished Welcoming Heart pillow. This is my version of it. On the original pattern the heart applique is a pocket for dried flowers, and it's intended to hang. Mine is all flat applique and will be a cushion (as long as no-one actually sits on it and squashes it, lol).

I made this pincushion using a pattern from the same book:

I added some buttons to mine. It was quick to make and I was pleased with the way it turned out. The centre heart is from a piece of hand-dyed cotton velvet I bought at a general needlecraft show a few years ago. I knew it would come in useful one day!