Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Strawberry Jam

It started when I saw a pattern for a felt strawberry and had to make one. Since then I've come across other strawberry designs, and had to make those as well, and before I knew it I had a theme going on. Some of them are pincushions, and one has a magnet glued to the back of it.
My favourite thing in the picture is the heart-shaped pincushion with the bird holding a strawberry. I remember I was making that around the time of my older daughter's graduation in the summer of 2005. I tea-dyed it to give it an old look.
Some of the strawberries are felt, some cotton and some wool. I like working with wool, and sometimes it's a pleasant change to work on a small project. I recently appliqued this pincushion top, now waiting to be finished:

This one's got a bee on it, another of my recurring "themes". The pattern is by Backyard Quilts.
In the past I've stuffed pincushions with ordinary polyester stuffing, except for one which I filled with wool roving and another I filled with sand. Some patterns these days suggest ground walnut shells as a filling, so I might try that with this one.