Thursday, 17 May 2007

Yo-yo Fun

They are easy and quick to make. You can sew them together to make a piece of any size. You can dress them up with beads and buttons. You can add leaves and make them into flowers. I have read that here in the UK they were traditionally known as Suffolk puffs, but now they seem universally known as yo-yos. To me they have a friendly, retro look.

And here is my finished quilt, complete with yo-yo flowers.
The photo is darker than the actual quilt, but we've had no sunshine! I rounded off the corners by drawing round the rim of a cup lined up with the edges. Because of the rounded corners the binding had to be cut on the bias, and I was a bit worried about stretching it, but it went on nice and smoothly.
Over-flowery? I think the yo-yos worked well on this because they are small. Any bigger and they would perhaps have been too much.
Usually at this time of year garden work starts to take over, but there has been so much rain over the past few days that by the time I can get outside, the weeds will be twice as many and twice as high! But on the plus side it means that I've had more sewing time:)