Tuesday, 21 August 2007

The NEC and Retail Therapy

On Saturday we took a trip to the Festival of Quilts at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. This photo was taken outside the entrance to the halls where the show was held.
It was about two hours' drive to get there, but worth it to see so many quilts beautifully displayed in one place.
Here are just a couple of shots of the exhibition.

There were lots of vendors there, and it would have been wrong not to take the opportunity to stock up on fabrics. Here's my pile of goodies.

The two reels of thread are a shade I use quite a lot in machine quilting. It blends in with mid-tone fabrics and doesn't stand out too "white" against dark colours. (The patchwork in the background is a tablerunner.)

Sometime this week I'll wash them all. Do you pre-wash? It's a process I enjoy. I like to see pieces of fabric pegged out on the washing line.
I'm not usually too keen on ironing clothes or sheets, but ironing fabric is different! I take my time and have a proper look at it, and read what it says on the selvage. I cut off all the straggly frayed threads from the sides and make a pile of them on the end of the ironing board, and then think how nice the different coloured threads look all together.
Maybe I need to get out more:)
Have a great week.