Thursday, 27 March 2008

Gloves Done

I finished the gloves I was knitting, and we're having some very chilly weather here at the moment, so I think I will get to wear them after all.
The pattern is Sirdar 5983. They were made on two needles (rather than 4). I didn't realise there was a line of cables up the back of the hand until I was actually knitting it, because strangely only the palm side of the glove was pictured on the pattern, as if the photographer didn't know the detail was on the back. No matter, I like cables.

I had some fun mail this week from Wendy. I couldn't believe how much lovely stuff she'd packed into that box! Check out those antique threads! I almost had to go and lie down.

The pattern was one I'd been wanting - how did she know?? And 30's fabrics, which I love, to go with it. And can you see the letter C on the pincushion? I think that's a lovely individual touch. Thank you so much Wendy, I love it all! :)